Category Japanese Cinema

The Outsiders (Mori to mizuumi no matsuri; 森と湖のまつり), 1958

A young Japanese man in modern clothes carrying a rifle crouches behind some shrubbery and looks into the distance, with a lake in the far distance behind him

Other titles: Festival of Lakes and Forests (literal English title) Production Company Tōei (Tokyo) Scenarist Uekusa Keinosuke Source Festival of Lakes and Forests (Mori to mizuumi no matsuri) [novel] by Takeda Taijun Producer Ōkawa Hiroshi Cinematographer Nishikawa Shōei Art Director…

The Rowing King [Fragment] (Sōtei-ō, 漕艇王), 1927

Headshot of a young Japanese man in the 1920's, setting on an unseen boat in the river, with a bridge visible behind him.

Other titles: The King of Rowing, Rowing King (alternate English titles) Production Company Nikkatsu Scenarist Yano Yoshiaki Source Yano Yoshiaki (story) Cinematography Kiga Yasugō Performers Hirose Tsunemi (Mochizuki Eiichi, the Rowing King); Natsukawa Shizue (Mitsuko, the Rector’s niece); Kanbe Hikaru…