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Hero of the Red-Light District (Yōtō monogatari: hana no Yoshiwara hyakunin-giri, 妖刀物語/花の吉原百人斬り), 1960

A facially disfigured Japanese man in feudal clothes looks at something with horror, while touching his face with his fingers

Killing in Yoshiwara; Yoshiwara: The Pleasure Quarter; Tale of Strange Swords (alternate English titles); Meurtre à Yoshiwara (alternate French title); Cursed Sword Story: Flower of Yoshiwara, Hundreds Killed (approximate literal English title) Production Company Toei (Kyoto) Scenarist Yoda Yoshikata Source…


Young Uchida photo

The Girl in the Book It all began, like most encounters with Japanese Cinema in the West, with Donald Richie. Many years ago, probably in the 1980s, I bought a coffee-table book by Mr. Richie – the great American popularizer…